Monday, October 15, 2007

Get Involved- Sponsor a Student Today!

Dear NESEI Friends:

Thank you so much for your interest in NESEI's work, and your desire to help us in our efforts to bring education to Sudan.

We are committed to promoting and providing education for young women in NESEI schools  because 93% of women in Sudan are currently illiterate. You can help NESEI by working with your community to raise money to send a Sudanese girl to school by April. It costs $450 for school fees, healthcare, food and other necessary costs. Help us help these girls. Read on for fundraising ideas!

Contact Mari Wright at for more info or to help fundraise! You can also visit our site,, for more information.

How you can help send a young woman to school:

-Donate Today

-Sponsor a screening of "God Grew Tired of Us," an award-winning documentary about Sudan's "Lost Boys" at your home, school, community center, or place of worship. 

-Hold an Africa-themed dinner at your campus: serve East African dishes and inform your  community about Sudan's civil war and rebuilding efforts.

-Throw a letter-writing party to get out the word about the need for education in Sudan: get together with your friends and write 10 letters each to community members about our cause.

-Organize a community charity concert: ask campus bands to join forces for a concert to raise money to "Send Sudan Back to School."

-Do something else that's innovative. It doesn't take much to raise $450, but it makes an incredible difference in the life of a Sudanese child.

-Volunteer with NESEI or participate in our internship program.

Contact Mari Wright for more ideas about getting involved or to organize a fundraising event in your community. Email her at Thank you!

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