Friday, November 7, 2008

Update on the NESEI School

NESEI's school has continued to be a huge success, inside and outside the classroom. See below for some updates on the school's progress and new programs and accomplishments!

-The campus farm has been hugely successful. It produces a cornucopia of fresh, nutritious foods, including beans, groundnuts, sweet potatoes, watermelon, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, and sugarcane! This bounty has helped sustain our school and the local community.

-Student council officials were elected late this summer, allowing students to practice campus diplomacy and to hone their leadership skills.

-Students will take their final exams beginning Nov. 18. They will be tested in subjects that include English, biology, chemistry, health science, and math. The end of exams will mark the conclusion of the school's first year! It is incredible how time has flown by!

-Our health science fellows, Delia and Kaitlyn have led several successful community health workshops for students, including lessons on women's and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention. The workshops have been very well received by the students.

-A service learning initiative that has been established allows students to participate in beautifying the campus and learning about agriculture management, through participation of farm projects. Students have enjoyed expanding their skills out of the classroom through this unique program.

-Solar powered radios were donated by The Carter Center, allowing students to listen to the news and connect to the world.

-Three laptops have been donated to the "Laptops for Learning" campaign since it was launched. These laptops are providing essential help to the school administration and allow students to improve their understanding of computer technology. SEVEN more laptops are needed before January for the campus computer lab!

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