Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grace helps her family

Grace John arrived at NESEI’s school in May 2008, along with her 75 new classmates. Before coming to NESEI’s school, Grace had attended an Arabic pattern primary school and spoke no English. Her parents, who also don’t speak English, wanted their daughter to learn English and about healthcare, so that she would have a better chance of getting a job. By January 2009, after two terms at NESEI’s school, Grace is almost fluent in English, and has learned valuable agriculture and health skills. Here is an excerpt from an interview a NESEI staff member had with Grace and her mother at their home in Juba, Sudan on Jan. 26, 2009. Grace helped interpret for her mother during this interview, although her mother could understand a few sentences from the English Grace has already taught her.

-What changes have you noticed in your daughter since she enrolled in NESEI School?
Grace’s mother: English! Thank you so much NESEI school. My daughter speaks English now and she has also taught me and her little sisters. Grace is also more responsible now [and] is more focused in her daily life and house chores.

-What other things do you notice are different in your daughter Grace since she joined the NESEI School?

Grace’s mother: Grace’s health has improved because she is attending a health science school (smiles)Even at home now she cleans our compound and always tries to keep everyone clean especially the young ones.
Grace: I have learned over the past year in my health science courses that a person is prone to many diseases if they don’t keep their environment or themselves clean. So I try to keep our house clean.

-What are some of the lessons you have learned during your past year at the NESEI School that you have brought home back with you?
Grace: English: I teach it to my mother and my little sisters. First aid: I have taught my mother about first aid. Now she knows what to do if an accident happened at home where there is no doctor. Agriculture: From my agriculture classes, I now show my grandmother and neighbors how to plant things like tomatoes and vegetables and taking good care of them for better yields. Some people even come to me asking for advice!

-What are your career plans after the NESEI School?
Grace: I intend to continue up to college to become a doctor or health professional. Why?Because I have the opportunity to develop on the health skills I am getting at NESEI’s school. But most importantly because there is a need for health professionals in S. Sudan and there is a lot of work that needs to be done in the health sector.


PreMedical University said...

I solute you for such a big dream in life. Don't stop dreaming and reaching your dream not unless you are successful in your dreams.

Anonymous said...

its good to know that NESEI is making a difference to the lives of young women in s.sudan. please continue with the good work